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Our Services

The list of services offered to market by Epostraders has grown organically alongside the company and today those offerings are fully refined through practice to provide lasting professional partnerships.

EPoS Hardware Brokerage

This is an area we have seen grow consistently in recent years as major retailers and hospitality chains realise that their hardware estates are simply “end of service” and not “end of life” when their warranty or maintenance period ends. Significantly higher ROI can be achieved through brokerage with Epostraders. Historically the hardware assets were simply sent for recycling or sold for well under market value in a quick disposal process, often then being resold on by the new owner on the open market for much higher prices.
Epostraders brokerage services offer a complete end to end service, from receipt of goods to sale and our fees include all services, asset management, reporting and onward sale.
On average our partners who choose this route for EPoS hardware estate disposal see around 150% increase on the value of the assets, and that's after all fees are applied.
To find out more information on the process or receive indicative pricing on your hardware estate contact today.


RMA Depot service

Another simple service that has grown through demand and sees significant financial returns and cost saving benefits for our partners. A typical scenario is for a partner selling new hardware online across Europe who are bound by online trading laws and their own money back guarantees to accept goods back without compromise within a set period. Historically these goods would be moved through their own internal system, eventually returning to a set warehouse location to depreciate over time and potentially end up being written off.
This problem is further compounded by the Dropship supply model where distribution has no interest in dealing with nearly news returns and charge for the process but offer no return.
Our solution to the problem is to allow our partners to use our UK address for RMA returns, goods are shipped directly from customers to us and after notification of receipt and condition grading, goods enter the brokerage system for prompt sale at the best market price.
Not only does this combat the very real risk of RMA Assets impacting our partners bottom line, it also frees up valuable resources both in terms of storage and work hours, allowing them to concentrate on core business activities.


Secure Destruction and Recycling

While Epostraders makes every effort to release revenue from assets, this may not always be possible and in some circumstances it may not be desirable to have goods reenter the market for resale. While many in the market will take these assets that are bound for destruction away “free of charge”, in essence, many companies in the market actually have to resell the assets to pay for this service. The risks presented in this scenario are endless, from stock reappearing on the open market, to data leakage, both confidential customer information and commercially sensitive and resulting risk to the source business is huge. If Epostraders are tasked with destruction and recycling of EPoS hardware there is an applicable fee to pay for the service but that is right and proper. Certificate of destruction and guarantees that your data is now beyond reach of anyone is critical and releases our partners from the risk of fines or damages.

Other Services include :

Consumable dropshipping with central invoicing.
Maintenance, Refurbish and storage for re-deployment.
Replacement kit storage for immediate dispatch.
New Stock.


For more information on the services listed above please email us at: