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About us

What is EPoS?

EPoS stands for Electronic Point of Sale and associated hardware / software.

Who are Epostraders Limited?

Epostraders was formed in 2009 by a group of industry professionals with a combined career of over 50 years in the industry, to resell and recycle the vast amounts of preowned EPoS hardware coming into circulation from system upgrades.
EPoS hardware is mission critical and normally run 24/7 in its working environment and as such, it is engineered to a very high standard. This means that when a company has used the hardware in its primary application and then needs to upgrade, that old EPoS hardware has a new life cycle available, in some cases another 5 years+ of useful working life.
Our deep in-house knowledge allows us to identify hardware that can be reused and with careful testing and refurbishment, we then market that hardware across the globe to many different markets.

Marketing and growth.

Since 2009 Epostraders has consistently invested in our online offering alongside classic account management and the results are really showing. Our free to use tech support centre now rates highly in most EPoS Google searches and enables our product offerings to be placed along side, in front of buyers of all shapes and sizes worldwide. All of our stock levels are active across our own website serving trade buyers and end users alike, and we also invest heavily in channels such as eBay and Amazon, again with stock levels linked.
In short our professional service and marketing, knowledgeable account managers who actually understand our products and years of quality online activity place us in front of customers buying EPoS hardware all over the world.

Position in the market

Epostraders has established itself as the leading specialist in EPoS remarketing and our services have grown to match this status. From our early days of buying and selling small batches of hardware, we now regularly provide brokering services for “Tier 1” (national chains and supermarkets) customers, dealing with their end of service equipment, providing ethical recycling where needed and remarketing services to achieve ROI if available.
Hardware is then supplied to customers ranging from single end users and start ups, to trade partners across EMEA and beyond.